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Are you sure that's the problem?

Or are you confusing a problem with a symptom?

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shouting... I CAN'T PRINT!

It happens to me all the time. A colleague walks up to me and complains that they can't print. This is "a" problem - but it is not "the" problem. And some might even say that the fact that they can't print is a "symptom" of an underlying "problem".

So what might be the problem? 

A list of problems might be: 

  • no paper/ink
  • no power
  • not connected
  • invalid format
  • ...

You get the idea.

Business people often do the same thing...

I regularly work with business clients who suffer from a similar confusion between problem and symptom. 


That's the symptom - but it's not really the problem. Here are a list of potential problems.

  • Lacking or poor value proposition
  • No clear definition of the target customer
  • Insufficient marketing 
  • Marketing a product that doesn't solve a problem
  • Incorrect pricing strategy

Bottom line: You can't solve a problem that you don't identify correctly.

Spend some time working to understand not only the symptom - but the underlying problem for your business. Once you understand the problem, then you can start moving towards a solution.

At StartupBusinessReview I work with clients to help them understand their business problems and then to provide actionable insights that allow them to start, grow and scale their business. Take the 5 Minute Checkup survey today.

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